Tuesday, July 17, 2018
कानाबाती -कानाबाती- कुर्रर्ररररर


I am the woman who holds the sky.
The rainbow runs through my eyes.
The sun makes a path to my womb
My thoughts are in the shape of clouds
But my words are yet to come “

These verses may imply that in philosophy and life, the agony of discrimination against women is a poignant reality but at the same time, there are women who have carved a niche despite of all odds and discriminations. Renowned social activist SuneetaDhariwalJangid from Haryana state in India is one amongst them who succeeded in making her presence felt and voice heard by one and all. She dares to begin with impossible things and has the courage and passion to make them happen. She is a rare combination of intellect and strength. Being a keen sociologist, she keeps vigil eye on social traditions and transitions. As freelance journalist, she writes for various media. She believes in democratic socialism. Everybody around her admires her for her high morals, truthfulness, selfless hard work, love and patronage. We wish her good luck and success in life. We have faith that she will certainly create another milestone in the history of socio-political activism and media practices.

Raise voice – Bring a change, if unable to dent atleast make a scratch – it matters…really!! Just do this, of course there is a yes after final no – suneetadhariwal